On Site Sod Delivery

Healthy Grass in a Timely Fashion

When choosing a sod delivery service for your next landscaping project, you’re likely to want a contractor with an excellent reputation, one that will show up on time with a quality product.

If that’s what you’re looking for in a contractor, you’ve found it. Need installation? We can do that too.

About Our Sod

We offer healthy sod, well-maintained and fertilized, delivered fresh after the cut to ensure it will take.

Sod Types We Offer:

  • Peat – Professional Kentucky Bluegrass Turf Grown in peat soil. 90- and 75-yard pallets or 35-yard big rolls.
  • Mineral – Professional Kentucky Bluegrass Turf
    Grown in a sand/clay mixture. Heavier than peat, and more tolerant to hot summer installation or high traffic areas like a sportsfield. Only 75-yard pallets or 30-yard big rolls.
  • RTF – Rhizomatous Tall Fescue
    This hearty grass with a strong, deep root system repairs itself. It is drought tolerant, shade and salt tolerant, and holds up well under high traffic. It offers early spring greenup and requires less fertilizer than Kentucky Bluegrass.