Snow Services

Why Ground Tech?

We started out in 2006 with a truck and a trailer and a drive to become an industry leader in snow removal. Hard work and investment in the latest technology, best equipment, and best people available has made that vision a reality. Our clients have come to rely on us for superior service while minimizing their expenses and reducing their liability.

With each property comes different challenges, and each management team has different priorities. That’s why we develop a unique snow maintenance plan for each of our snow removal properties. This proactive approach is the only way to ensure a seamless winter season for you and your team.

Team Safety

Ground Tech requires that each team member participate in safety training that exceeds industry standards. Team members wear reflective safety vests and the snow removal equipment has flashing strobes, warning signs, auditory alerts, and safety lights to decrease liability. Snow removal on each property is managed by an on-site supervisor to ensure consistent and professional services.