Septic Systems

Ground Tech knows that installing a septic system needs to be taken seriously; from properly locating the drain field to optimizing it for long term performance. Taking advantage of the soils particular percolation characteristics as well as functionality with elevations ensures that the customer receives the most economical installation possible. We walk each customer through the importance of locating the system in a non-trafficked area and keeping surface water runoff away from the system prolongs the life of the system.

We are certified by the University of Minnesota for Septic Systems. Our company has a good understanding of blueprints, codes, soil limitations and environmental issues. Ground Tech employees are educated on new technologies, products and code changes to ensure that we are leaders and experts in the septic system industry.

Extreme care must be enforced during each septic system installation to maximize the longevity of the system’s function which in turn keeps the costs down for the end user. We are licensed, bonded and insured in many Minnesota counties.

A septic system has two basic parts–a septic tank and an underground disposal field. The septic tank removes most solid wastes from the water. Heavier solids settle to the bottom of the tank where bacteria break them down into sludge. Lighter wastes (some solids, grease, and oil) form a scum layer on top of the water. Cleaner water between the two layers flow into the disposal field, the disposal field filters and treats the wastewater by distributing it over a large underground area of coarse soil.