Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are helpful in maximizing the functionality of any outdoor space with an uneven slope. Incorporating a retaining wall into any professional landscape allows you to retain the soil and gives the different gradients both an intentional and professional look. Factors to consider when building a retaining wall include; the necessity of the wall and alternatives, selecting a design that suits the space, and the composition of materials in relation to the space as a whole.

There are right and wrong ways to build a retaining wall. Be sure to select a contractor that does not cut corners in the design and construction of the wall. The last thing you want is your wall collapsing because your contractor was attempting to save a dollar by skimping on the backfill.

Retaining walls built right can last almost indefinitely. We believe that planned obsolescence has no place in landscaping. Our business and design practices are ethical, call us for a consultation and find out for yourself.