Custom Low Voltage Lighting

The lighting of a landscape cannot be underestimated. Light is useful for highlighting points of interest after the sun goes down and allows you to change the ambiance.

Lighting is able to create a refuge for relaxation, and a place to enjoy good times with friends, family, business clients, or employees. It is an important component in both residential landscaping and commercial settings.


Uplighting is the best way to accentuate architectural detail and design elements. We offer a wide selection of lamps specifically for uplighting that have a variety of lighting intensities and beam spreads. These features allow us to create different lighting effects.


Downlighting is a technique that illuminates outdoor areas for safety, security and aesthetics. Bullet type fixtures and lamps emit the necessary brightness and amount of illumination. The placement of these fixtures is typically above eye level.

Architectural Accent Lighting:

Architectural lighting is similar to up-lighting in that it can be used to highlight specific design elements of a space. Accent lighting illuminates focal points like water features, arbors, and benches.

Pool, Patio, Deck Lighting:

Patio and deck lighting is a great tool for highlighting variations in elevations, drop-offs, or pool-edges. This allows homeowners to create a dramatic effect and a safer environment. These types of light fixtures can easily be concealed beneath railings, under benches, or on vertical posts.

Entry Lighting:

Commercial businesses and residential subdivisions use lighting to illuminate entrances. Subdivisions use entry lighting to market and increase the value of new developments. Commercial businesses use entry lighting to highlight different entrances to their properties. Incorporating hardscape features like walls and columns, along with softscapes and plants in addition to lighting is another way to enhance the appearance of both commercial caps and subdivision entrances. Different fixtures and lamps of varying intensities and beam spreads create dramatic contrast, shadowing and light which add to the allure of the commercial business or residential neighborhood.

Water Feature Lighting:

Lighting can ensure that your fountain or water feature is a point of interest around the clock. There are different techniques available that enhance the beauty of water features particularly in the dark. For example, underwater lights give a dramatic effect, colored lights set a fun and vibrant mood, and a mirrored effect is also easily achieved with light.

Step/Path Lighting:

Safety is a top priority during installation of any outdoor lighting system. Step lighting or path lighting is designed to illuminate high traffic routes to entrances and around your home. Homes that are set back from streets most always utilize path lighting to ensure safety when the sun goes down.