Custom Concrete Services

Most people have prefabricated ideas about concrete; it’s gray, drab, and utilitarian—certainly not art.

Today you have affordable design options; colored concrete, decorative stamped patterns that create a beautiful texture that emulates the look of stone, cobblestone, fractured earth, or a myriad of other options.

Custom concrete solutions offer unsurpassed durability, the natural maintenance free characteristic of concrete and a truly customized look and feel. This is a trendy option for hardscapes!

Concrete Edging

Blocks and pavers used in a design require edging to keep the pieces immobile. We offer concrete edging, which is a clean and smooth alternative to the traditional plastic and steel edging.

Concrete is a neat and long lasting surface that provides a great mowing strip. The design can be manipulated into visually appealing curves. It requires no maintenance and unlike like traditional materials like metal, plastic, and wood it will not rust, discolor, or rot.

Metal edging is also available depending on your preference. We have experience with steel and aluminum and discuss the pros and cons before installation. Steel has a better price point, is easier to bend, promises durability, but can be susceptible to rust. Aluminum is easier to manipulate and lighter, but more expensive than steel.