Erosion Control

Keeping Topsoil Where It Belongs

Erosion is a major problem facing the modern world—it’s a factor we take into account on every new landscaping or sodding job we take on.

Because it is so important that we get this right, we also offer standalone erosion control work. We evaluate each situation independently and work through the plan that best meets the criteria of effectiveness, aesthetics, and cost.

Our methods include silt fences, blankets, inlet protection, seeding, and rain gardens.

Silt fences remain the most commonly used method to control sediment on construction sites. Made of geosynthetic fabric, fencing is staked into the ground with the lower portion underground so as to filter any runoff water and trap sediment. Silt fencing, however, is only as good as the installation, so it is critical to have an experienced crew do the work.

Erosion control is an essential factor to consider when planning a new project: call Ground Tech today to be sure you (and our precious topsoil) are covered.