About Us

Our Mission:
To do everything with uncompromising quality from the ground up.

Company History

Ground Tech is a family business owned and operated by three brothers: Pete, Steve, and Mike Henslin. When we started in 2006, Pete already had a decade of experience in excavation, so we started the business there and soon expanded into sod delivery and installation, snow removal, and landscaping.

Being a family business we take an extra measure of pride in what we do, and each of specialize in a different facet of the business: Pete brings fourteen years of experience to his work in the field, while Steve is strong on the sales side, and Mike keeps all the technology running smoothly.

Company Values

In a shrinking economy, more and more contractors are figuring out ways to cut corners so that they can lower their prices. And, while that often gets them the job and has the client paying less on the front end, the client is in for a rude awakening when their sod dries up a month later or their landscaping job starts falling apart five years down the line.

We believe in bidding the true cost of doing the job well. And yes, you may pay fifteen percent more on the front end, but you will save a great deal over the long run.

And that’s the way we look at business. We’re building toward a secure future—we’re looking twenty years down the road, not two. Contractors use us over and again because they know they can trust both the timeliness and the quality of the work, as well as the quality of the product.

We’re building our jobs to last in order to build a company that will last.

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